Sole Sauce ™


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Sole Sauce ™

The sole sauce is a special cream that helps to remove those yellow stains on your sneaker soles that prevent you from wearing them and restores the color of your favorite pair of sneakers.


It bring your yellowed soles/midsoles back to life and completely reverses oxidation that usually occurs on icy/rubber soles. It is safe for all sneaker soles

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Benefit Of The Sole Sauce


Renew & Refresh Your Soles

The sole sauce is a multi use gel that can make old looking shoes new again. It contains active ingredients that completely restores your sneaker soles back to white and makes it looks brand new as seen in the picture.



The versatile nature of the sole sauce makes it suitable for use on any kind or rubber soles, and all colours as well. It quickly reverses yellowing on those soles.



The sole sauce comes in a 100ml pack and can be used multiple times on several pair of sneakers.

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 (500 + Verified Reviews)

20 Packs left

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How To Use

1. Apply To Soles

Apply a light/medium coat of Sole sauce to Oxidized parts of shoes to be treated.
Make sure to apply very lightly around edges to avoid the product from running onto unwanted areas. Avoid contact with non-rubber materials


2. Wrap in Plastic Wrap

Cover in clear wrap to prevent the product from evaporating. Do not skip this step or you will not get the desired results.


3. Set in Sun

Leave in sun for a 3-4 hours and check back periodically. Multiple sessions are necessary for clear/icy soles and older shoes. You can also use a UV Grow Light if no sun.

4. Brush Off Residue

Wipe down with a cloth, then use warm water and a brush to scrub off any Sole sauce Residue.


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