This “New And Portable” Solar Charger Helps You To Keep Your Smartphone, Power Bank And Any Direct Current Product Powered On EVERYDAY Even If You Don’t Have Any Electricity For A Whole Year.

Let me guess!!!!

You are probably not sure of how you’re going to charge that your smartphone, power bank, rechargeable torch and fan when next it goes off (which normal happens in 24 hours of usage) because of failure in power and fuel price increase.

And Now you just wish there were one “magic tool” that helps you to have a 24 hours no fail power So you’ll be able to charge all your electric devices to make sure they are on.

…because let’s face it.

Nobody wants to see his or her smartphone shut down.  If you’re like me that always wants to have my devices
up and running without wasting any money on fuel or hoping that my neighbor could use his generator,

then congratulations because in the next few minutes, I will hand over to you a brand new solar charger that effortlessly charges your smartphone, power bank etc. Without using electricity or fuel but using sunlight

at just a press of a button (you can do it even if you’re not techy).



Watch full video here and see smartcell sun charge in action

This unique solar charger will help you

  • Charge your smartphone even when there is no electricity so you don’t have to worry about missing any important calls.
  • It’ll also help you charge your rechargeable Light and table fan so you don’t worry about what to use at night for better visibility. 
  • It is so portable which means you can carry it around when you are moving out so you can use it to charge your mobile phones whenever you want.
  • It has a top-notch quality. So you don’t have to worry about spoiling so quickly.

Here are the product features


It has a solar panel voltage of 6v

The solar charger size is 240mm by 190mms. Portable and light weight

It has a conversion efficiency of 95%



We Are Running Christmas Bonanza And Instead Of Normal Price Of N18,000, We Are Selling For N9900



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AND….you won’t pay a dime until we bring the product to your doorstep and you Confirm that it is what you want

This is our way of appreciating our esteemed customers just like you for your patronage.

If you were to pay for delivery, it would have cost you at least N3,000 but you’ll get a FREE delivery when you order TODAY.

But you have to Hurry and fill in the order form and click on SUBMIT BUTTON now

because we only have 11 pieces left in our store as at the time I’m writing this and we’re pretty sure it’ll finish too quickly.

I know you want this unique smart cell sun charge. What could be more rewarding?

Than a brand new product that allows you to charge your smartphone, power bank and rechargeable torch even
without electricity.

Think about it.

Our electricity in this country is nothing to write home about and buying fuel EVERY TIME you want to charge your device  will only result to more expenses.

What you should do is to get a product that only requires natural sunlight to charge your smartphone and portable USB devices

And boom… it’ll save you a lot of expenses and help you to keep more money.

You’re probably thinking right now
Will it be worth your money after all it is a new product?


Well. I’m pretty sure you’ll jump on this offer when you see the amazing feedback from our happy customers.

Here are few of what our happy customers are saying about the product.


  • Step 1: place it in any place that has ray of light (preferably under the sun directly).
  • Step 2: plug your phone, power bank, rechargeable fan or rechargeable torch using the FREE 3 in 1 magnetic
    cable you’ll get as a bonus for ordering this product today.
  • Step 3: start charging your portable USB Device. That’s it, 3 simple steps to never having to worry about
    your phone being down again.


Are you ready to stop worrying about not having electricity?

Here’s how to order this product today.

Fill in the order form below and click on submit button. Someone from our office will call you to confirm your order.


Be sure you are FULLY ready for the product and have the money to pay at the point of delivery before you order, because we’ve limited stock due to high demand for this product

Here are more pictures from satisfied customers using our product.

Here’re few questions you might probably have in you mind right now and their answers.

  • What can I do to avoid spoilage?

Avoid cracks on the panel surface and handle it with care.


  • Can anyone use it, because I don’t know anything about solar?

Absolutely, yes. You don’t need to know anything about solar, just place it under the sun or where there is a ray of light and use your normal USB cable to charge your phone. IT’S THAT SIMPLE


  • Can it charge any other thing apart from phone?

Sure it can change your power bank, rechargeable table fan, rechargeable torch and any 5v USB devices


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