Bellaura Active7 ™



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Bellaura Active7 ™

is a new improved face gel formulated with proprietary combination of active ingredients and designed to work synergistically to address your specific beauty needs

Active7™ gel helps removes Dark circles, sun burn, spots, wrinkles, black head, pimples and acne on the face


It moisturizes and smooths the face  making you look younger.

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It increases cellular activity and circulation. The high amounts of antioxidants allows it to combat free radicals, which can soothe breakout-induced inflammation, redness and slows down aging process and wrinkles.

Active7 helps keep skin hydrated helps balancing moisture in the skin. It increases the healing processes of the skin which reduces skin imperfections and uneven skin tone, dark under eye patch and circles.


It helps to repair skin by restoring your skins elasticity, increases collagen production and improves the tone and texture of the skin and clear acne. It also help to minimize the appearance of scars.


Active7 is high in palmitoleic acid, which helps to regenerate you skin and keep it looking healthy and youthful, prevent and clear pimples, black head, sun burn etc.


Bellaura active7 helps gives you an even skin tone and can be used to clear dark under arm making it blend with other parts of you body. so much you can do with one cream


It also helps moisturizes your palm and removes dark knuckles. giving you a soft and smooth hand.

Normal Price = ₦14,000

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(500 + Verified Reviews)

20 Packs left

Bellaura Active7™ Is Suitable For All Skin Type

it works for both men and women and all ages. It is very soft on the skin and does not select.

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Sandra ( Abuja )

As you can see I’m glowing, I used to have serious acne for over 3 years now and I have tried all, both organic and normal face cream which did not work and made my face worst until I bought this Active7 face cream. I wont lie to you, this was the best decision I made this year, just take a look at my face now, Am slaying all thanks to Bellaura Active7.

Miracle ( Lagos )

I have been using the Active7 gel every night. The aroma is so calming it helps me fall sleep at bedtime. I feel my skin is softer and more toned. The best thing is I am getting compliments from friends. So it is really working for me. I have used other face cream but none have been nearly as effective as this. I highly recommend this product. You will love it.

Bryan ( Delta )

I saw my sister using this face cream and since then she has been looking beautiful, I started using this without her notice and I now see why her face is always looking smooth and beautiful. This product works like magic. Just 7 days of using my face is already looking so good…LOL! Babes are even falling in love with me.

Emem ( Uyo )

I am in my late 30s, I am developing fine lines, wrinkles and dark eye patches. Since using this product, my fine lines are smoothing out and my age spots are lightening, all the dark eye circles have cleared and my face is looking younger and beautiful. I collected this product from my friend and have since gone on to buy more for myself! This product is incredible!!! it is transforming my skin!

Mercy ( Enugu )

Am 45+ and my skin is already wrinkled with pimples every now and then, because my business involves me goin out and entering the sun almost every day. I bought this face gel some months back and this has been my only face cream since then. I have stopped using my old products… this Active7 makes my skin feel moisturized, smooth, supple and I’m definitely noticing a huge difference in my fine lines and overall plumpness!!! Love love love the smell and texture! highly recommend.

Even toned skin
Smooth and moisturizes
Pimples and spot free

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Why Buy From Us?

• The Bellaura Active7 is known to be the best selling face cream of all time.

• We offer 30 days money back guarantee because we trust our product.

• We have over 500 happy customers nationwide currently using and enjoying our product

• We follow up our customers until there get the desired result and are happy with the product.

• The Active7 basically resolves all your skin care problems.

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•Pay On Delivery  •Low Stock!  •Money Back Guarantee


•Pay On Delivery  •Low Stock!  •Money Back Guarantee


•Pay On Delivery  •Low Stock!  •Money Back Guarantee

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Buyers Reviews

Let me ask you, how much is it worth to you to never have to feel “old” again or have wrinkles for the rest of your life?

How much is it worth to you to have your friends JEALOUS of the amazing changes you’ve made to your face knowing fully well you used to have acne?

Imagine that for a second…

We’ve all met someone who looks phenomenal with smooth and younger looking face, free from pimples, acne, dark circles and spots.

And you keep on wondering, what can be the secrets to such flawless skin. Yes it is possible all thanks to Bellaura Active7

Please be sure you are really ready to get this product and you have the money available to pay on delivery.

Please if you are traveling don’t order, if your money is not ready don’t order, if  You are sure you have the money available then

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Frequently Asked Questions?

For best result use only at night after bathing and before going to bed.

Wash your face, rinse with water and clean with towel. Apply just little amount of Active7 on your face or affected area. You don’t need to put large amount as the Bellaura Active7 is very effective.

A pack of bellaura active7 can last you for up to 1 month or more.

Within 7 days of use there should be noticeable difference.

No it does not have any side effect and can be used by all skin type, including people with sensitive skin

Yes we have several customers that can attest to the effectiveness of our face cream. Tested and Trusted by thousand of people nationwide

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