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What to know about Sleep Apnea ( Snoring )?

Obstructive sleep apnea occurs when the throat muscles relax and block the airway. This happens off and on many times during sleep. A sign of obstructive sleep apnea is snoring.

Obstructive sleep apnea ( Snoring ) is considered a serious medical condition and should not be overlooked. Many people today are having sleep apnea and always wander why they have a bad day.

The following people below have 70% chance of having sleep anea
Excess weight: Most but not all people with obstructive sleep apnea are overweight. Medical conditions associated with over weight can cause snoring.
Older Age:The risk of obstructive sleep apnea increases as you age and can be very challenging to our mothers and fathers
People that smoke, have increased sugar level or blood pressure. People that work strenuous jobs most especially men.

Please if you or your spouse are experiencing sleep apnea (snoring ), then not to worry as we have the solution for you

Why do we need to stop sleep apnea ( Snoring )?

Sleep apnea ( Snoring ) can cause distress to family members and those around them. If the other person sleeps very lightly, snoring will cause him to be unable to rest well, lack energy during the day, and may also affect the relationship between you for a long time.

Snoring also affects your own sleep quality and physical health. It can cause dry mouth, headache, dizziness, insufficient blood oxygen, and other health problems. In severe cases, it may even lead to suffocation. Therefore, it is urgent to solve the problem of snoring.

What if I tell you there is a safer and effective way to naturally relief yourself from sleep apnea without taking any drugs that can be harmful to your health?

→No more mood changes or been upset regularly

→ No more loud snoring that can affect your relationship
→ No more taking harmful drugs with side effect just to sleep better
→ No more early morning headaches and tiredness

→ Enjoy A healthier sleep and comfort

Introducing SleepBeta™ Anti Snore Clip

SleepBeta™ is a scientifically designed Anti Snoring Device that keeps your nasal passages open while you sleep, maximizing the airflow through the nasal passages and allowing you to keep breathing smoothly, thus solving the snoring problem and sleep apnea related problems. It improves the quality of your sleep also.

See What SleepBeta™ Will Do For You…..

Better Night Rest

Sleep is a precious commodity – we love it and need it, but rarely get enough of it. Busy schedules, kids, anxiety and technology, snoring can all get in the way of a good night sleep. Getting enough sleep can play an important role in your weight, emotional wellbeing, blood pressure, diabetes, mental and physical performance, and more. The Sleepbeta helps you experience nights filled with uninterrupted peaceful sleep. it opens up the nassal passage allowing more air to flow through the nose and hence stop snoring and breathing problems.

Relieve Headache And Improved Health

Getting appropriate sleep each night can help manage stress, headache and improve your overall health. When people wake up refreshed, they avoid the stressors that come with functioning while sleep-deprived, such as poor performance, difficulty thinking clearly, and lack of energy. Our SleepBeta Anti snore device can help give you quality sleep hence reduce anxiety, depression, and other mental health strains related to sleep apnea and snoring

Save Your Relationship

Snoring impacts not only the snorer but those in close proximity to the snorer, potentially damaging their sleep quantity and quality and leading to a list of cognitive problems. Nobody wants to be blamed for their partner’s decreased performance at work or a forgotten chore! In addition, the likelihood of arguments increases due to negative behaviors that develop due to poor sleep. Sleep deprivation can also lead to couples feeling less appreciative of each other because they are less aware of their partner’s needs and mood. Relatively small problems can turn into big fights, with both parties lacking the patience necessary to listen to each other, simply because their brains aren’t getting what they need to recover each day. SleepBeta helps you avoid all the above problems and helps you live a better life with your spouse or familiy.

See Testimonials From Happy Customers


This product is great! Easy to use, easy to clean. Been struggling with sleep apnea and snoring for over a decade. You can imagine how awful I wake up feeling. Work is a struggle, I have lost several partners due to my loud snoring as a woman. I’ve been using SleepBeta™ for 3 weeks now and my energy has improved significantly. My sleep is deep and I don’t wake up. I recently met someone again and we just started talking. I have spent couple of night at his place and I am happy that this product has saved me from the embarrassment of snoring. I highly recommend this product to anyone that has any sort of trouble sleeping!



Bought this for my husband, who I was at the point of sleeping in separate rooms with. I give it 5 stars because it does a great job to keep my husband from snoring completely. Also, my husband has sleep apnea, meaning he stops breathing several times throughout the night. This causes him to wake up frequently multiple times per night, which means I can’t get a good nights rest because of his tossing and turning. However, this product has eliminated his sleep apnea. He doesn’t stop breathing at night and so now I can sleep because he’s no longer tossing and turning. I highly recommend it!!


My partner constantly complained about my loud snoring- to the point where she had to sleep on the couch. After using this sleepbeta anti snore clip my sleep has been way better. I don’t wake up gasping for air and my partner has noticed my snoring has become better. The snoring is almost completely gone- there’s some soft snoring on rare nights but they said it’s a lot better and manageable. Overall it’s great! It’s definitely something I would recommend it to anyone suffering from snoring and/or sleep apnea

See Video Of SleepBeta™ In Action Below

How To Use The SleepBeta Anti snore clip

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Yaya Yusef

I’ve tried various snoring remedies, but none have worked as effectively as this SleepBeta anti-snoring nose clip. This device is lightweight, and the soft silicon material makes it comfortable to wear throughout the night. The magnets provide a gentle pressure that helps keep my airways unobstructed, resulting in reduced snoring. It’s a small, but powerful solution that has improved my sleep quality.”

Edith Tambo

It helps so much!! I can’t believe I’ve never had an anti snore clip until now. I have been missing. My hubby got it for me and ever since then I have always had quality sleep. This is a must have for every home


As someone who has struggled with snoring for years, I was skeptical about the anti snore clip. However, I decided to give it a try, and I’m so glad I did. This simple device has made a world of difference in my sleep quality. It’s easy to use, and the magnets provide gentle pressure to keep my airways clear. My snoring has decreased, and I wake up feeling more energized. I highly recommend it to anyone looking for an effective snoring solution

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